Contributor Guide

Process, Standards, and Build

The Autofac contributor’s guide is located in GitHub. If you are interested in contributing or building the project from source, check it out.


Contributions have been accepted from:

  • Nicholas Blumhardt - original version
  • Rinat Abdullin - many enhancements
  • Petar Andrijasevic - WCF integration
  • Daniel Cazzulino - WCF integration enhancements
  • Slava Ivanyuk - Moq integration (now part of Moq Contrib)
  • Craig G. Wilson - additional Resolve() overloads
  • C J Berg - perf improvements
  • Chad Lee - NHibernate Integration
  • Peter Lillevold - generated factories improvements
  • Tyson Stolarski - Silverlight port
  • Vijay Santhanam - Documentation updates
  • Jonathan S. Oliver - resolve bug fix
  • Carl Hörberg - various
  • Alex Ilyin - bug fixes
  • Alex Meyer-Gleaves - scanning improvements
  • Mark Crowley - WCF integration improvements
  • Travis Illig - multitenant support
  • Steve Hebert - Autofac.Extras.Attributed project for metadata discovery

This isn’t a complete list; if you’re missing, file a pull request on this page.

Mention also has to be made of the many wonderful people who have worked in this field and shared their ideas and insights.